Our products are as diverse as the projects they are made for. From primary material selection over internal and external production processes through safe and secure shipment: adherence to quality standards is our highest priority, as it guarantees the smooth and reliable application of any part produced by us. Our industry experience spans several decades, endowing us with indepth technical know-how and our clients with quality products known for their high reliability, long life cycles, high precision and accuracy. It goes without saying that we adhere to applicable norms and regulations for every product. All processes carried out within FUKA are subject to our quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Spare parts and accessories


Brake Arms/Brake Shoes


Our experienced service team consists of many experts who are happy to offer comprehensive consulting. They are prepared to learn about your individual project and its specific needs. Their services include the following:


We offer product solutions for applications from own R & D department as well as solutions created in collaboration with our customers. We can support you from the initial idea through development of a prototype to production. We can develop new short-term projects and implement them reliably due to our advanced technical equipment and our staff's unique experience and one of a kind expertise.

To develop new solutions, we use modern CAD systems. Through computer simulations we can identify optimization potential in advance, saving you time and reducing costs. Our broad-based network of partners and suppliers allows flexible manufacturing and a quick reaction to requests and changes.


We support our customers in mechanical reconditioning of elevator gears and machines. Our services range from creating concepts to post-processing of components to manufacturing of new mechanical components. For example, we are particularly proud of the support offered to customers in reconditioning “Paternoster” elevators. Only field work, such as mounting and demounting are not part of our services.

Foundry modelling

In cooperation with our partners we manufacture plastic and wooden patterns for the foundry. We already support you with the CAD construction of your component up to the manufacturing of foundry pattern, the procurement of casting and the mechanical processing of the blank castings – even for small and smallest batches.


Whether it be material- and process-oriented design, selection and production of the desired castings or the mechanical processing of components – In line with our guiding principle “quality from one source” we offer a wide performance range and full-service solution for Prototyping, single parts or small and middle-sized production batches.

Single-part production/Series Production

We manufacture single parts and series parts in different sizes according to drawings or samples from cast iron, as well as all machinable materials such as cutting steels, quenched and tempered steels, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, special materials and various plastics.

A wide range of different tooling machines provide the necessary flexibility in production. We use conventional as well as CNC machines and machining centres. Of course, we also offer additional heat and surface treatments as part of our services.