Return / Return Shipments

What is the process for return shipments?

For items returned out of your own volition (e.g. not because the products were faulty or due to some other reason caused on our end), please use our return form. Costs for return shipments are to be covered by the customer. Please ensure to apply sufficient postage or to charge the delivery to your account when submitting the delivery.

What happens once the items have been returned?

Rudolf Fuka GmbH offers two solutions:

After the items and the return form have been sent to us at your cost, we will examine whether they are complete and intact. If we can confirm both criteria are met, we will include the products in our special warehouse for „Existing Inventory“. This stock is considered for all orders placed with us. Should the item returned be sold otherwise, you will obtain credit over the original product value excluding costs for packaging, shipping and an administration fee of 3% of the original invoice. Should the item not be sold within two calendar years after being placed in stock, you will obtain notice over the professional disposal of your product.

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of return shipments without a correct return form or similar document. In addition, we preclude accepting any charges for return shipments. The same applies to any additional costs, such as tariffs or other fees which will not be incurred by us.

The process specified above does not equal a guarantee for reimbursement.

Which products are excluded from the return policy?

Electronic parts (e.g. magnets) or components that are no longer is as-delivered conditions are excluded. As a rule, parts whose lack of defects cannot be verified without significant technical inspection efforts are excluded from the return policy as well.

Return rights expire for all items once they are utilized.

Items which were commissioned and/or which we produced or procured for you in non-commercial amounts are also excluded from our return policy.