Unintended Car Movement (UCM) is a significant risk for elevators. Defective central electric or mechanic components can lead to the cabin unexpectedly moving out of the landing, causing severe accidents. For this reason, a UCM protective system has been mandatory for all elevators entering the market after 1 January 2012. A UCM solution can be certified as a system or must consist of tested components. The UCM unit must recognize unintended movements of the elevator car, halt the elevator and keep it in the halted position. In addition, elevators with traction sheave drive motor must be equipped with an overspeed governor. FUKA offers two comprehensive retrofitting options, both of which correspond with current norms and security regulations.


We provide type-tested dual-circuit brakes as project-specific solutions for gearless drives. With this product you meet the requirements of UCM and – combined with other parts – protect the upward moving elevator against overspeed according to DIN EN81. In comparison to rope brakes, type-tested dual-circuit brakes are a cost-effective alternative, thanks to lower follow-up costs.


  • FUKA handles the project in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland
  • Simultaneous modernisation of the single-circuit brake
  • No additional braking device required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Negligible maintenance costs


Traction sheave brakes are a cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing systems. FUKA also supplies any additionally required components, such as detection elements, speed limiters and control modules. Just as the type-tested dual-circuit brake, the traction sheave brake is also used as a component for retrofitting elevators with brakes according to EN 81.


  • Easy to assemble – mounted directly onto the traction sheave
  • Modular assembly allows the adaption of existing components
  • The adapter supplied by FUKA is built specifically for the winch and customized to the conditions on-site
  • Extendable with several brake elements for higher loads
  • No additional brake discs required, no mechanic adjustment of the tracking sheave driving pulley shaft, as the brake operates directly on the track sheaves
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise emission
  • No removal from the safety arrestor necessary, e.g. after tripping.
  • No detection (A3-Function) necessary, as the brake falls shut at every landing (exception: systems with early opening doors)
  • Includes mounting of the brake system upon request

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