Due to Demographic Change and demands for wider accessibility associated with it, the drive concept with its gear and rope drum has once again become en vogue: The cabin hangs on a rope, which the drive unit winds onto a drum, similar to a construction crane, saving lots of space. Thus, retrofitting is possible even in already existing buildings with limited space, e.g. by turning a stairwell into an elevator shaft. As there is no counterweight, the cabin can take up the maximum possible amount of space within the shaft. The rope drum system is also a viable solution for the modernisation of existing hydraulic systems.

Our services include independent solutions, e.g. only the rope drum or subassemblies, up to complete drive concepts for drum lifts – including engine frame and shaft steering. You can conviently procure complete drive assemblies from FUKA, including ropes from German top-quality manufacturers on request. We also offer custom-tailored solutions to your individual requirements. All FUKA products always comply with the latest standards and directives.

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